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Today we are going to talk about Sony DJ headphones. Sony is the first largest company who made the first portable music player also. That’s why they change the music listening habit. Now people are listening to music through lightweight headphones like Sony v55  or Sony MDR7506 both are manufactured by best brand headphone company sony.

DJ Style Headphone Review Sony

1. Sony MDR-1A

Sony MDR-1A and it’s Sony’s successor to the MDR-1R. These Sony DJ style headphones were a really good headphone. It had a wide expansive soundstage and a nice sweet, kind of mellow tone to it. Now it wasn’t without its flaws. Sony MDR-1A didn’t have particularly great noise isolation and it was pretty weak in the very lowest of the bass regions.  Sony MDR-1A and how it compares against some of its closest competition in the category, including the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x and the COWIN E7 Active pro.

Build Quality:

Let’s take a closer look Sony DJ headphones!Sony-DJ-Headphones The MDR-1A looks almost the same as its predecessor, and that’s a good thing. It’s a gorgeous design, with curves in all the right places. A special highlight is the polymer driver which is set into the baffle like a jewel. Build quality is strong throughout, and the mixture of metals and plastics delivers a headphone with a comfortable weight of 225g. Two sets of sturdy cables are included, with and without a smartphone remote.


The Sony DJ headphones fold flat but otherwise doesn’t fold up into any creative shapes like some of its competitors. Now a big selling point of the MDR-1A is that it’s a really really comfortable headphone. The earpads are really plush and pillowy and when you put them on your head, they just feel great! The distribution of the earpads against the side of the head is really even, the headband is really well-shaped. This is a good feeling of headphones.

  • Earcups are shallower than the other headphones
  • Your ears might touch the inside of the headphone
  • They are lightweight and comfortable.
  • Angel driver is pretty steeply angled.

Isolation And Sound:

Unfortunately, if comfort is really good on this headphone then isolation is really really bad. So if you’re wearing this on a bus or on a train, you’ll find that the external noise leaking into the earcup is enough to really damage your, kind of experience when listening to music.Sony-MDR-1A And I honestly think that this should be a deal-breaker if you are thinking of buying this headphone to use on a daily, kind of mass transit commute. It just doesn’t offer very much noise isolation.

  • Really wide expansive soundstage
  • High frequencies don’t always sound entirely natural

Sometimes with some violins or stringed instruments they can sound a little bit too diffuse. But it definitely is one of the unique characteristics of the 1A’s sound. Likewise with the mid-tones, with the vocals, the 1A is really smooth, it’s really clear, it has this kind of bell tone kind of clarity to it. Overall can’t say enough nice things about the upper half of the frequency range on the 1A.


  • The MDR-1A is very comfortable.
  • Perfect for a digital piano.
  • This DJ style 1A headphone folds flat.


  • The bass sounds sort of flabby and loose.
  • The leather of the earpads makes a bit hot sometimes.

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But it has some really significant flaws so the end result is that I only kind of like this headphone. Now, by all means, it is a unique sounding headphone so go out and have a listen to it. Maybe you’ll really love the way it sounds. But I think that there are just some practical drawbacks with the noise isolation and I just think the bass performance is just too sloppy for this kind of competition.

2. Sony MDR-V700DJ

So if you are a Dj and you are searching for the best DJ headphonesSony MDR-V700DJ Studio Monitor Series DJ Headphones is the perfect choice for you. If you are also searching for the best headphones for mixing and mastering and audio editing purposes you can easily use these Sony DJ headphones.

Build Quality:

Sony MDR-V700DJ Studio Monitor Series DJ Headphones build is high-end materials and advanced engineering technology. Swivel earcups enable single side monitoring for DJ and best headphones for EDM production.

  • Reversible earcups for even greater monitoring flexibility.
  • 50 mm diameter drive units for reference-grade sound.
  • Easy folding and earcups can rotate in all directions.


When you try to buy from the online pair of headphone you can get two types of Sony headphones. One is MDR-V700DJ DJ-Style(Old Version) and others are MDR-V700DJ Studio Monitor Series DJ Headphones both are very comfortable open-back headphones.Sony-MDR-V700DJ Reversible ear cups for even greater monitoring flexibility. These headphones also include a 50mm diameter driver for reference-quality sound, a folding design, a wide molded headband, and a stereo UniMatch plug. Just plug them in and start spinning.

Sound Quality:

Both pairs of DJ headphones have great sound quality. If you are not a DJ and you can buy it for casual listening Sony MDR-V700 DJ style headphone is a great choice for you. They have a good bass response and provide a clean, detailed sound for professional applications.

  • Frequency response extends down to an extraordinary 5 Hz
  • Auto return swivel mechanism brings the ear cups back to standard or critical listening position


  • The headband is very comfortable for long time use.
  •  50mm diameter driver for reference-quality sound.
  • Neodymium magnets for maximum energy.
  • Clear crisp sound and bass.


  • swivel is made out the plastic.
  • Some Sound leakage.

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Final Verdict

After the short review if you are looking for some closed-back headphones or if you need some really good sound quality these are the best sony DJ headphones you can buy. But in general, they are a pretty good buy cause they have good best quality headphones and they fit very well.

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