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Shure SRH750DJ Headphones Reviews

Shure SRH750DJ DJ Headphone is a headphone that is designed only for you. Have you surprised? Are you thinking how can I know you’re thinking? The answer is simple. You are looking for the DJ Headphones or like DJ headphones. That is why; you are seeing Best DJ Headphones Reviews. And trust me, among DJ headphones Shure SRH750DJ DJ Headphones are one of the best. Because these headphones have a 10ft coiled detachable cable that is needed for a DJ as he needs to move freely. Moreover, its enhanced frequency response ensured high-output bass with extended highs. More importantly, its big drivers closed back designed and comfortable ear cup pads give you an awesome experience of noise canceling.

Why We Have Included This Product?

These Shure SRH750DJ DJ Headphones are world class qualities as professional DJ headphones. If you are a DJ or a normal user and you are willing to get a quality headphone, you can get it unworriedly. Because you are surely getting its world-class benefits as well as some extra benefits, such as carrying bag. This bag will protect your headphone to the entire journey. Even you can put your headphone in the carrying bag when it becomes unused that will make it safe. In addition, you are having extra ear pads with these Shure SRH750DJ DJ Headphones which you can replace. As a result, your headphone will last long. Besides, as most of the DJs want, these headphones have the circumaural collapsible design with 90-degree ear cup swivel. And of course, there is 1/4″ gold-plated adapter.

What Is Wrong About the Product?

There is no doubt that Shure srh750dj is a professional DJ headphone.Shure SRH750DJ But the design and the elements that are used to make it are not robust enough. Where Bluedio U Plus (UFO) Extra Bass Headphones are robust and also lightweight. The plastic is breakable particularly of the adjuster piece. Again, the foam ear pieces come off easily. Besides, the headband is too flat on top, which can make you feel uneasy. But it varies man to man. Some of these can be avoidable with careful uses.

Key features and their benefits:

50mm neodymium driver: It is actually a pretty benefit of Shure SRH750DJ DJ Headphones that you are having a big driver like Ultrasone HFI-580 Headphones, 50mm neodymium driver. Here is a fact that it seems that the bigger the driver you have, the louder the volume will be. But it is not fully true. Because whatever the driver size would be, let it be small or big, whatever it could be earphone or headphone, in what volume you are listening that would be the same. But yeah, if you are thinking there is no benefit having a huge driver, you are wrong. There must have benefits having a great driver. There will be a very nice noise cancellation. If I say it is one of the best headphones among other noise-canceling headphones, it will not be wrong.  As a good noise cancellation, it seems that you are hearing louder volume than other headphones in which the driver is less than 50mm. As well as you feel comfortable in your ear and have a great experience.

High-frequency range: We know, the frequency range of Shure SRH750DJ DJ Headphones is 5Hz – 30,000 Hz. Nowadays, this range is the biggest range that is given to the Best DJ headphones. But I would like to clear one thing. You may be thinking “OMG! It’s 5 to 30000Hz. This is my final selection.” Obviously, you can choose these Shure SRH750DJ DJ Headphones; there are many reasons for our choice. But this feature? No. A human being can only hear between 20 Hz to 20000 Hz. When a human uses this headphone then there is no need to use the headphone more than 20 Hz to 20000 Hz frequency range. But yeah, if you want to make your favorite pet to listen, you may need that. Because they can hear more than the human frequency range.


  • Enhanced frequency response. Frequency range is 5Hz to 30,000 Hz, delivering high-output bass with extended highs.
  • 50mm neodymium driver that makes you listen more effectively.
  • Closed-back, circumaural and comfortable design ensure wonderful noise canceling.
  • 9.8-foot (3.0 m) coiled detachable cable that is enough for free movement, easy storage, and replacement. If you are looking for more long cable, you can see AKG K267 Tiesto DJ Headphones which have 4.3m cable.
  • Replaceable ear cup pads and the second set of pads included in the package.


  • The elements especially the plastic are used that are not enough sturdy.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will these give the best sound if using with an iPhone? Or do these require an amp to get the best sound out of them?

A: These headphones give you a great sound with an iPhone. But if you want better performance, you can use an amp to get the best sound out of them.

Q: How well do these cancel noise?

A: Well, Shure SRH750DJ DJ Headphones have closed back design, 50mm large driver, and comfortable earcup pads. As a result, these cancel noise fantastically even in an airplane. And when at full power the quality is perfect with no distortion.

Q: How big are the ear pads? What does it measure?

A: The ear pads are 3.5 inches and inside are 2 inches. They are normal sized pads as far as DJing and monitoring headphones.

Q: Does it have noise cancellation?

A: It has a 50mm diameter driver with wonderful noise cancellation.

Q: Would anyone recommend these for the use of producing rap instrumentals? If not what would you recommend?

A: These headphones have a very balanced tone and you’ll get a very authentic sound for the track you’re creating. Much sound bled through the headphones during a loud party, but the sound of them was great. Moreover, you can also see Numark Red Wave DJ Headphones & KRK KNS8400 Headphones.

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Final Verdict

Every DJ and music lovers are looking for an optimized headphone. They check out its bass, noise canceling, how long the cable is, driver, if there is any extra earcup pad or something etc. Believe me, all these things are available in Shure SRH750DJ DJ Headphones and those are appropriate in volume. So, if you are determined to have a good headphone, grab your own classes.


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