The Razer Adaro headphones have large and sonically balanced drivers which deliver natural sounding acoustic with hard hitting bass. You can use this pair of headphones for either jamming on the go or spinning behind the successful DJ console. The potent drivers can be used in mixing and matching and are monitoring friendly. So apart from being great at providing with the best Sound quality headphones for finding out the notes and differentiate from them, the headphones are well equipped for mixing and monitoring as well. All in all, this is a complete package for being a DJ.

The ear cups of the Razer Adaro headphones are padded so wearing them for longer hours is not a hassle. The ear cups swivel as well to better cater to the needs of a DJ. The cable system is fast and easy with a swappable system which allows for easy swapping of the included cable cords.

To make it even more suitable for your DJ gigs, the headband is adjustable and designed to be worn for all day long. The comfort factor of the Razer Adaro headphones was given an immense thought.

Razer Adaro DJ Analog HeadphonesRazer Adaro

Now I will talk about the Razer Adaro headphones in some more detail to give you a clear idea of how well it works as both a DJ and a regular day to day headphone.

Ear Cups

The ear cups of the Razer Adaro headphones deserve a separate paragraph because of their diverse and dynamic nature. First of all, the ear cups of the Razer Adaro headphones are padded with the need of DJs kept in mind. The padded ear cups make sure that best ear protection and these pair of headphones is wearable for a day-long period without causing a headache or any other type of discomfort.

Secondly, the ear cups can be swiveled. Any aspiring and professional DJ knows how important it is to have the swivel action on the ear cups of headphones as they make the DJs life easier. Swivel ear cups are necessary to keep one ear open to listen to the music’s notes, while the ear with the headphone on listens to the notes in the current song to make a seamless transition in the next one.

Lastly, the swiveling ear cups can be rotated and then collapsed into a small and compact form factor. This feature means that you get to conveniently store your Razer Adaro headphones inside your luggage or day to day bag as you go on your daily work or for a distant journey. The compact size also ensures that none of the parts of the headphones gets broken while being inside your bag.


The Razer Adaro headphones were made to last through wear and tears. Since the target market is DJs, the manufacturer knows that DJs need to have heavy-duty headphones which can last through the rough usage during the DJ performances or best headphones for music. The industrial design team of the Razer Adaro headphones has worked closely with their engineers to mix the metal and plastic perfectly so that it is lightweight, and at the same time able to take a beating. The lightweight factor is another added benefit as it makes the headphones wearable throughout the day without making your head feel lightheaded.

Easy Storage

As mentioned earlier, the Razer Adaro headphones can be collapsed and made into a small and compact size to make them easily store. There is a carrying case that comes with the Razer Adaro headphones to keep the headphones stored in a safe and secure place before your next usage or gig.

Great Drivers

The Razer Adaro headphones have large and sonically balanced drivers which result in delivering the rich and natural sounding acoustic sounds along with a hard-hitting bass. This makes this pair of headphones a perfect addition to take with you anywhere you go or to spin as you stand behind your DJ console in front of a moving crowd. The drivers are housed in mixing and are also monitoring friendly, so you can be sure of the Razer Adaro headphones being a great addition for your DJing gigs. Even if you are just starting out, this pair will give you an added confidence boost to keep pumping that music with passion and creativity.

Now I will talk about some of the pros and cons of using the Razer Adaro headphones in brief.


  • The sound quality is superior.
  • The cost is worthy of the features and benefits of the headphones.
  • The headband fit is snug and comfortable.
  • The style is minimal and stylish.
  • Easy and swift trappable cable cords system.


  • The volume switch is upside down as in the down button makes the volume go up.
  • Adding a Mic with the headphone is not possible.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does the Razer Adaro logo light up?

A: No. The logo has a nice and shiny metallic finish to it, but it does not light up.

Q: Are these over the ear headphones?

A: Yes they are over the ear design headphones.

Q: Does the headphones come with a case?

A: Yes the headphones come with a carrying case.

Q: Are there Mics with these headphones?

A: No there isn’t.

Q: Are the batteries replaceable?

A: No, not without voiding the warranty. The batteries should last longer than the warranty anyway.

Final Verdict

The Razer Adaro headphones are a great addition to your DJ career. Even if you are not a DJ, you can benefit from the headphones as the sound quality is just phenomenal. This pair is great at making your days brighter with its superior sound quality along with the added comfort. The padded and swiveled ear cushions are great for DJ purposes. The storage option is safe and secure with the carrying case until your next gig. The Razer Adaro headphones really make for a great pair of headphones and I feel like everyone will get benefit from them.

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