Psyc Wave X1 Bluetooth Headphone

Psyc Wave X1 Bluetooth Headphone

Are you irritated with the wire of headphone? Like Technics RPDJ1210 Swig Arm or AKG K267 Tiesto. Do you have to continuously move with your headphone? Do you want a built-in microphone in your headphone? Would you like to control adjusting volume, changing track and answering phone calls? Then I can assure you, you are in the right place, Psyc Wave X1 is the ideal headphone for you. Why won’t the headphone become your appropriate headphone? All the things what you are looking for are included in this headphone. There are hardly headphones available in the market like this.

Psyc Wave X1 Bluetooth Headphone On-Ear with Built-In Microphone Review

Now I am telling you some characteristics of this product that can help you to have a clear picture.



The top priority of Psyc Wave X1 Bluetooth Headphone design is a comfort. This provides a lot of comfort to the users using this for a long time best Budget Headphones. Psyc Wave X1 has full padded pleather on earcups that not only ensure user’s comfort but also prevent from external influence for lasting listening sessions. That’s why; Psyc Wave X1 will always be comfortable for being worn even for hours. Besides, it has an adjustable headband. It’s a great element that can assure comfortable fit with your head. Even if you want, you will able to use it wearing a baseball hat. The headband also offers just the right amount of pleasure to make sure while moving around the headphone stays in place without pressing your head too tightly.


Psyc Wave X1 Bluetooth Headphone has another most important feature is the wireless system. It has built-in Bluetooth system. You can connect it with any kind of Bluetooth enabled devices including smartphones and tablets. There is no trouble of wire or cord. So, you can move easily wearing these headphones. While DJing, it is necessary to move around during your performance for interacting with the audience.If you are a general user, this is the best choice for you for long travels as it is Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, no matter of wire.

Built-in Microphone and Controls

Did you want to buy an extra microphone? Then I can assure, you need not buy extra microphone because Psyc Wave X1 has built-in Microphone as well as Controls. When a DJ is doing his job, he needs to speak to the audience as well. In that time, you don’t have to use an extra microphone while you have that with your headphone. Moreover, if you are a normal user, it can also apply for you when doing audio and video phone calls, listening to music through your stylish phones, tablets, iPod and other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Furthermore, its built-in control system can give you release from the trouble popping out your phone or source device from your pocket or bag. Besides, these controls have Remote buttons situated on the ear cups for your easy controlling. Through this, you can not only adjust music’s volume but also change tracks and answer the phone call.

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Lightweight and foldable design

Psyc Wave X1 Bluetooth HeadphonePsyc Wave X1 Bluetooth Headphone has a wonderful design which gives you a better performance. Its slim lightweight design will give you release from fatigue and provide extra comfort. In addition, Psyc Wave X1 is ideal for any sort of long journey because of its foldable design. It has the foldable headband that can help to store in the bag while not using or put away at home. That’s why this is the best budget DJ headphones also.


  • Ensuring comfort with Full padded leather on-ear cups and adjustable headband
  • High-quality sound offered by full-sized 40mm drivers.
  • Used Bluetooth technology with built-in microphone and controls for a full hands-free experience.
  • Foldable design making the goal of the journey
  • Accessible control system built into the ear cup


  • no input for jack lead
  • the headband could be a little bit comfortable with cushioning

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How much sound leakage is there?

A: There is no leakage. Because it has fully padded soft leather ear cups that ensure comfort as well as no leakage.

Q: Does it come with a case?

A: Nope. But you know, it is a portable and easy storage facility.

Q: Does it have an aux port?

A: Nope, only a charging cable port.

Q: Do these have a jack socket to plug into devices that don’t have Bluetooth?

A: No they don’t, only for Bluetooth capable devices.  But the battery is great and would wholeheartedly recommend them for doing what they say to. Thumbs up.

Q: Are they rechargeable or need batteries?

A: they have Li-ion battery in them so you just charge them using the cable provided

Q: How long does the battery usually last?

A: Never timed the battery life. If one wants to use them hour after hour through the day, one can but put them on charge when not in use. They have never fully discharged that I can recall and are a fantastic product.


Final Verdict

To sum up, truly speaking for under £20, these are the best overall headphones I have observed. These are a sturdy, compact, winsome, and most necessary deliver very good sound quality and better than expected levels of passive noise isolation for the price.Overall, though, I would highly recommend these for the price as these offer an actual level of quality rarely got at this price or even higher in the crowded budget Bluetooth headphone market.


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