Pioneer HDJ x10

You will find many flagship headphones and good quality DJ headphones in the market. But they are pricey. So you can’t change them frequently. Before buying these headphones you have to choose and perfect one for your use.

Pioneer HDJ x10 could a great choice for you only for what it offers. Looking for the first time you may not consider buying it for its price. But if you look at its specs and read this article I’m sure you will be convinced to buy Pioneer HDJ x10. So read this full article as we have done big research on this product and will give you the best possible review and feedback on Pioneer HDJ x10.

Introduction to Pioneer HDJ x10 headphones:

Pioneer has released two more DJ headphones before. They performed quite well. But this headphone actually performs even better than that. It will give you a good sound quality, comfortable feel, durable headphones. Pioneer HDJ x10 is a closed-back dynamic over-ear headphone that comes at a good price considering the features it provides.  It has a drive of 50 mm dome type. It also has a 1.2 m coiled cable and a 1.6 m straight cable. You will get a 6.3 mm stereo plug adapter and a carrying case in the box.

Pioneer HDJ x10


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  • Good sound quality
  • Decent sound reproduction
  • Uncompareable noise isolation to other headphones at this price range
  • Superb comfort
  • Eye-catching design
  • Provide sweat resistance technology
  • Durability on point
  • Extreme level of performance
  • Under deliver low ends
  • Price is not justified

Detailed description of the pros of PIONEER HDJ x10:

1. Sound quality:

We have gone through about its review and seen its sound quality. By far we didn’t see any complaint about its sound. It provides the best sound you will ever listen to.  If you listen to any type of song with these headphones on then trust me you will have the best possible feeling of the song. The maximum output power is 3500 MW and the output sound level is 106 dB.

2. Sound reproduction:

Along with sound quality, one thing it ensures is its sound reproduction. The technology and the way it reproduces sound, you will it every moment. It will reproduce sound exactly as the original file or even better. So in terms of sound reproduction, you will have zero issues. Its frequency range is  5-40000 Hz which is quite good. This headphone has left-right sound separation too that is quite nice

3. Noise isolation:

You will find noise isolation technology in many headphones of this price range. But its noise isolation can’t be compared with other headphones because it is miles way better than them. It will take you away from your surroundings and you will enjoy your every moment. It will block all the ambient noise. Its impedance is quite good at 32 ohms.

4. Comfort:

You will have no issues regarding its comfort. It is one of the most comfortable headphones out there in the market. The tension of its headband is perfect. Neither it does press your head or ear too hard nor too loose so that it will fall. The build of these earcups is very soft too that gives you more comfort.

5. Design:

Wow! We were just astonished looking at its design. If anyone takes a look at this headphone that person is even bound to say it is attractive. These headphones stand out from any other headphones in terms of design in our opinion. The weight (excluding cable) of  Pioneer HDJ x10 is 328g. Pioneer HDJ x10’s cable length is 160 cm with a replacing cable. It is foldable too and comes in black color.

6. Sweat resistance:

Very few headphones provide this facility of sweat resistance. This headphone is very comfortable that it won’t sweat. But even if it does, its sweat resistance comes into handy.

7. Durability:

Its durability is on point. It is a foldable headphone. So it won’t break easily. You can turn in 90 degrees without any concern about breaking it. But you shouldn’t put it into bags without a case.

8. Performance:

If you rate the performance of this headphone then you will have to rate it ten out of ten. It performs so perfectly than other DJ headphones. You will get a stable good performance with this headphone.

Detailed description of the cons of PIONEER HDJ x10:

This headphone doesn’t have many cons. The customers’ reviews and expert opinions are so positive about this headphone.

1. Under delivers low-mids:

Unlike other DJ headphones, this one doesn’t provide top class lows and mids. But this is quite good that you won’t feel too much of a difference.

2. Price:

Considering other DJ headphones it looks like a bit pricey. But if you are looking for better-performing headphones then it worth every penny.


So from our continuous research about this headphone and considering customers review this headphone should be your priority. You will have abettee experience of sound and music if you use this headphone. In case you are looking for a good quality headphone for the long term then this headphone is good. Its price may be high but according to its performance, it deserves that much price.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Q. Are these Bluetooth headphones?

A. No, it is not a Bluetooth headphone. You can take a look at its specification sector for more information about its cable.

Q. What are in the box?

A. Headphone, a carrying case, cable, and adapter.

Q. Does it come with any case?

A. Yes, it comes with a soft case.

Q. Are these noise cancellation?

A. It doesn’t have active noise cancellation. These are Dj headphones. As it comes as ‘over-ears’ they can cancel noise passively.

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