Pioneer HDJ-500-K DJ Headphones

The Pioneer HDJ DJ headphones are soundly engineered to strongly reproduce the low and mid level frequencies. Since it is immensely important for the DJs to pinpoint the pitches in the music, this will be a good option. If you are an aspiring DJ and just starting out, you might want to get this one as the price is pretty reasonable as well. Sure, it is not as good as the professionally engineered and high-end ones, but at the price point, you can’t really complain either.

The sound quality is pretty decent on these Pioneer HDJ headphones as the bass is great and the mid and high pitches play with clarity. This pair of headphone is using and utilizing the HDJ – 2000 technology effectively in my opinion. I will talk about the basic features with some pros and cons of the headphone.Pioneer HDJ-500-K DJ Headphones Review


This pair is lightweight and stylish. Being lightweight is a great advantage as when you are a DJ performing for an audience, you are expected to play for hours on end. Having a lightweight pair of headphones helps in that case as you will not feel groggy or get headaches for wearing your headphone for too long. This will help you to fully concentrate on your performance and read out the vibe of the audience and play your songs accordingly. Apart from that, even though the Pioneer HDJ headphone is lightweight, it does not lack in credibility.

The main structure of the headphones is made from magnesium alloy for making it lightweight as well as durable. They are great for travel as well, but unfortunately, a carrying case or pouch is not included with the package.

Refined Design

The Pioneer HDJ line effectively adapted the performance quality and styling of Pioneer’s top of the line HDJ – 2000 headphones. Designed with comfort in mind, the Pioneer HDJ headphones use urethane pads for the headphones to mold around the user’s ears and head for a slip-resistant and snug fit. This is done to make sure that the headphones can be worn for longer periods of time. The urethane pads are wrapped in great quality leather as well, to provide extended comfort with greater feeling.

However, the ear pads can be small in size for people with large ears. In that case, it will be difficult to wear it for longer periods of time without feeling any sort of discomfort. The headphone tends to create tension and gets stuck on the head in a super tight position, which can cause a headache as well.

The Pioneer HDJ headphones are available in five different colors so that you get to choose the one that best suits your personality. Needless to say, Best Budget Headphones like any other performance acts, looks do matter in doing DJ performances as well. Getting this stylish pair might lead you to getting more deals in the future as you will look capable and fit for the job when you wear these pair of headphone.

Various DJ Monitoring Style

The Pioneer HDJ headphones will cater to various types of DJs as the headphones feature a rotating arm structure that can be rotated up to 60 degrees. This feature allows the DJ to rotate the right earpiece forward and backward by as much as 60 degrees. At that particular position, the headphone stays in place rather than moving around as you move around. The headband of the headphones is very flexible and it allows enough side pressure to let the DJ listen to audio songs on just one side of the headphones.

Easy To Move Around

The Pioneer HDJ headphones come with two interchangeable cords which lets you move around during the performances, rather than standing at one place for the entire night, which can get monotonous and troublesome after a while. One of the cords is coiled and earpiece one is straight. The coiled cord is 1.2 meters in length and it can be extended for up to 3 meters. This one is perfect for taking to your regular DJ performances where you can even interact with your audience. The straight cord is 1 meter in length and great for leisure listening. The straight cord lets you to attach your headphones with your mobile or other musical devices.

Now I will list out some pros and cons of the Pioneer HDJ DJ headphones.


  • Decent sound quality with clarity in mid and high pitches.
  • The bass is great.
  • The interchangeable cords are a great option.
  • The extendable coiled cord gives the freedom of movement during performances.
  • The design is modern and sleek and makes you look like a professional.
  • The rotating arm structure design is great for suiting with your different monitoring styles.


  • The cans make a creaking and annoying sound when they get connected with the headband.
  • The ear pads can be too small for people with large ears and be uncomfortable for them.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is there any carrying case or pouch attached with this headphone?

A: No, there is no carrying case or pouch attached; only the headphones are delivered along with the cable cords.

Q: Can I buy this for regular use other than DJ uses?

A: Yes you can. The straight cable cord can be attached to your mobile or other musical devices to listen to your favorite songs with great bass and clarity in mid and high pitches.

Final Verdict

The Pioneer HDJ DJ headphones are a great addition to any aspiring DJ as they come with great sound quality and the other features are suitable for a DJ as well. Since the price is comparatively low from the other competitors, this can be a great investment as the first pair of DJ headphones. The features such as rotating arm structure with different sleek looking colors are great for making this pair of headphones a smart choice, Who is the best DJ in the world right now. I hope this review will come in handy when you make that buying decision.

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