Are You Looking For DIY headphone stand? Some electronics like smartphones and headphones are quite delicate. Therefore, sufficient measures must be utilized to defend them properly. It is also necessary to avail them readily whenever they may be required. These are the roles that the DIY headphone stand is designed to play. For a start, these stands are tools that are basically used to hold the said and more electronic gadgets firmly in place.

The Benefits Of The DIY Headphone Stand

Grants Easy Access to the Electronics: They are primarily designed to display the said electronics conveniently. This way, they also grant easy access to those electronics wherever and whenever they might be needed. For this reason, the headphone stands to prevent unnecessary inconveniences that may often arise when embarking on the task of wearing headphones.

Eliminates Clutter:

Given that they are designed to hold excess wires safely, they also eliminate clutter. By reason of this arrangement, they reduce the likelihood of you getting entangled as you go about your business. They, in so doing, make your interiors and rooms quite livable indeed. This also goes a long way in preventing any damages from arising in the electronics.

Safeguards the Electronics:

Most of these devices are equipped with a host of safety features. These include straps, clamps, and others protective gears. These gears play the role of safeguarding the electronics like the headphones from sustaining any damages. This way, they go a long way in preserving the integrity of the said items and preventing associated losses. They are particularly handy for the expensive headphones like the Bluedio Ufo plus Headphone.

Saves on Possible Repair Costs:

As stated, these devices reduce the possibilities of these gadgets sustaining any damages. This means that you will generally spend less to repair and maintain them. This is a plus to you since this will lead to less operational expenses on your part. You will also achieve some great peace of mind in the process.

Enhances your Room’s Interior Décor:

Quite a number of these gadgets such as the DIY headphone stand Ikea are optimized for aesthetics. This is to mean that they are finished or painted with awesome materials on their exterior. These materials are great to behold. They subsequently grant these stands the ability to enhance the interior décor of your room or household.

Cons Of The DIY Headphone Stand

Unstable: Some of the gadgets have been hailed as unstable by the users. This is not good at all. That’s because the instability renders them prone to falling off and inflicting damages on your electronics. Appropriate measures should, therefore, be taken to forestall the likelihood of this happening.

Limited Uses: Besides safeguarding the smartphones and the headphones, these gadgets can perform almost nothing else. They are not so great to buy and utilize as the result of this fact. This is for the sheer reason that they return less value for money. To get around this, you are advised to look out for the cheapest available on the market.

The Type Of DIY Headphones Available On The Market

Wooden Headphone Stand:

As the name suggests, these kinds of stands are made of wood. They do not last that long and are also prone to damages. They are however cheaper to afford and also play the dual role of enhancing the beauty of your room’s interior. This is the option to go for in case you are cash-strapped.


These are headphone stands that are designed to exude many more tasks and purposes at a time. For instance, they may serve decorative purposes and also hold a couple of other gadgets than the headphones. These could include smartwatches, smartphones, and even ordinary phones. Their most outstanding trait is the possession of the DIY headphone hook. They do cost a premium but are nevertheless very lucrative.


The freestanding DIY Headphone Holder is tall and has a wide flat base. It is designed to stand on its own and without any support. For this reason, it takes up comparatively less space than the other kinds of stands and is therefore great for those places that are squeezed.

Top 5 Best DIY Headphone Stands – 2019 Reviewed

1.Gaming Headset Headphone Stand Holder with Cable Organizer for Desk, Black

Introduction: Are you searching for one universal stand that is compatible with just about every other headset or headphones? You have this one for your taking as it is the one that is meant and designed for such circumstances. This stems from its embodiment of a host of relevant features and parts.

Outstanding features and Benefits

High-quality Acrylic Material: Topping the list of its topnotch features is the high-quality acrylic material construction.DIY headphone stand This material is eco-friendly by reason of lacking any harmful chemicals and other substances. You are therefore spared from the risks of contracting cancer and respiratory disorders. This material is also aesthetic to behold.

Cable Organizer: It does come along with a cable organizer as the next most awesome of its features. This organizer is situated at the arm of the back of the Diy headphone stand. It basically lets you wrap the long cords around it safely and conveniently. This way, you will enjoy minimized clutter and a convenient working environment.

Thickening Stable Base: At the base is a thick and stable support. Being both thick and stable, they prevent any swaying which may possibly tip the standoff. This means you will be guaranteed some smooth operations and fewer incidences of breakages. You will also spend less on repairing and maintaining your electronics.


  • Lasts a longer duration of time
  • Keeps your rooms tidy and clean always
  • Provides convenient storage and retrieval of your gadgets
  • Simpler to assemble and make ready for use
  • Takes up the least amount of space imaginable


  • Has a nondescript appearance
  • Cannot withstand violent shakings reliably
  • Not so great a brand

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2. Wooden Omega Headphones Stand – Walnut Finish

Introduction: As already hinted, the DIY headphone stands can and indeed do so much more than merely safeguarding your electronics.DIY headphone stand They may also display the same and enhance the interior décor of your room or ambiance. It is this second role that this particular stand is designed to discharge.

Outstanding features and Benefits

Unique Contemporary Style: By its sheer design and construction, the stand features the unique contemporary style kind of make-up.DIY headphone stands This style is very convenient and handy in that it has the ability to fit almost all the headphones available. The pleasure of maximum convenience is, therefore, yours to leverage.

Awesome Exterior Finish: Throughout its exterior is an awesome finish. It comes in the form of the dark walnut and finished layered wood. This material exudes some breathtaking appearances that are fair to behold indeed. It, therefore, contributes to the enhancement of your interior room and décor.

Excellent Dimensions: On the whole, the stand is 10 inches tall and measures 4.5 inches long by 5.5 inches wide at the base. What’s more? It is also accompanied by felt pads for added stability. This design is compact enough to fit the extremely limited storage space available. The pleasure of maximum reliability is thus yours to leverage.


  • Exudes some breathtaking appearance
  • Nicely displays the headphones, smartphones, and headsets
  • Great for the home, office, bedrooms, and studios
  • Brings about higher value for money
  • Quite resistant to shakings and vibrations


  • Does not last that long
  • A bit costly to afford
  • Prone to damages and impacts

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3. Laser Cut Headphone Stand Nerdy Desk Tower Puzzle Model

Introduction: This headphone stand is comprehensive in scope, design, makeup, and appearance. This is because it is meant to keep your desk well organized for the sake of your maximum enjoyment of the headphones and other electronics. It is also able to handle a couple of closely-related gadgets and is thus pretty convenient.

Outstanding features and Benefits

Flat-packed: On the whole, the stand is flat-packed.DIY headphone stand This simply means that it is flat in shape and orientation as opposed to being large and bulky. This design also comes along with less than five minutes of some do-it-yourself fun. It confers to you the pleasure of maximum convenience as well.

Elongated Neck: Its neck is extra-long. This is purposely so in order to enable the stand to accommodate varying sizes of smartphones and headphones. By reason of the existence of this feature, you will enjoy the benefit of being able to handle all kinds of electronics as you may so wish.

Sleek Desk Tower: Throughout the composition of the stand are some CNC materials. This material is basically in the form of the eco-friendly plywood which is smooth, elegant and great to behold indeed. The choice of this material confers to the stand some great aesthetics, added stability, and longer lifespan.


  • Greatly organizes the desktops and worktops
  • Pretty light in weight and simpler to carry around
  • Can be polished or painted for added beauty
  • Enhances the appearance and beauty of your rooms
  • Saves on space and is thus very convenient


  • Has the universal non-charging dock
  • Easily breaks apart when subjected to too much stress
  • Not so reliable in the long run

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4. OAPRIRE Headphone Stand Holder Mount

Introduction: Do you possess some high-end headphones or a gaming headset? Are you also short of the desk space? Worry not! This diy headphone stand is exclusively designed and intended for persons of your caliber in mind. This is because it is optimized to save greatly on space for you. This is not to mention that it is easy to use.

Outstanding features and Benefits

Excellent Headphone Wall-mount System: Unlike most other stands, this one comes along with its own headphone wall-mount system.DIY headphone stand This one is designed to keep all your headphone out of clutter but within easy reach. It is this feature that saves on space and enables easy access to the gadgets. This is great news given its comprehensive nature.

Utmost Transparency: The stand is wholly transparent. This simply means that you can easily see through the stand. By virtue of this feature, it is indeed quite easy for you to keep accurate track of the goings-on in the stand. You will also find it easy to manage it and also require only a limited amount of space.

Ultra-secure Holding: With this DIY headphone stand, it is possible to hold the gadgets securely. This is made possible by a confluence of factors. These include the smooth edges, 3M adhesives, cable clips, and two tapes. You may be sure that regardless of the issue at hand, your phone will be very safe and secure.


  • Very sturdy and reliable at all times
  • Provides easy access to your headphones and other electronics
  • Compatible with a host of gaming devices and headphones
  • Easy to set up and make ready for use
  • Can handle a couple of chores like recording and gaming


  • Quite brittle
  • Cannot bear much weight
  • Too simplistic in design

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5. AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand Gaming Headset Holder Extra Thick – Black

Introduction: Are you short on cash? Would you still wish to leverage the benefits of a good and reliable headphone stand? If you answered in the affirmative, this good headphone stand indeed could be the one you have been looking for all along. It is simple in scope and construction and is thus cheaper to afford.

Outstanding features and Benefits

Perfect Size: It has a perfect size. This measures 9.8 inches high, 0.24 inches thick, and 2.4 inches wide. It also measures around 4.7 inches between the bases. These dimensions are perfect in that they are small enough to be able to fit the minimal storage space available.

Perfectly Stable: Other than being perfect in size, the stand is also very stable. It is indeed able to withstand all manner of external forces and impacts without the fear of toppling or wobbling when shaken violently. You do not have to worry too much about the safety of your devices with this gadget at all.

Awesome Looks and Appearance: Lastly, the stand does exude some awesome looks and appearances. This is mainly because it has a sleek curve which is quite comfortable and appealing to the eyes indeed. The appearance is neat and is very great to look at. It also adds to the beauty of your room’s interior decorations.


  • Quite compact in design and stability
  • Requires no extra color and is thus money-saving
  • Similarly calls for no extra decoration
  • Accommodates extra accessories to perform extra roles
  • Safe to handle and engage


  • Not so stable
  • Can easily break your phone
  • Generates lower returns on investments

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Final Verdict

You now know how to go about the issue of finding the right headphone stand. Indeed, the stands we have reviewed as well as the buying guide we have provided are reliable. If you follow them to the latter, you will be sure to arrive at the best possible outcomes.

It is not enough to know the head knowledge alone. It pays to take the extra step to acquire one of the stands we have reviewed above for best ear protection. You also have to share the information with your peers to let them enjoy the same benefits.


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