bluedio bluetooth headphones

Bluedio Bluetooth Headphones

You may use the Bluedio Bluetooth Headphones with 8 drivers. But I want to ask you, “Do you ever use the headphone with 12 drivers?” This Bluedio U Plus (UFO) have PPS12 technology with 12 drivers. In this headphone, you will get Bluetooth version 4.1. you can easily move with your headphone up to 10 meters. You can use it for more than 24 hours because of its Bluetooth music and talk time or battery life 25 hours. Another amazing feature is its Driver Diameter & Impedance 50mm*2 42Ω, 30mm*2 32Ω, and 20mm*8 32Ω. Furthermore, one of the most important things about Bluedio Bluetooth Headphones U Plus (UFO) is Spacious Sound with Rich Bass.

Bluedio U Plus (UFO) Review

Now I am telling you some characteristics of this product that can help you to have a clear picture.

PPS12 technology

PPS12 technology is a kind of technology that can increase your headphone experience. There are 12 drivers in this technology. Among them, three drivers are for trembles and another three are for mids and bass. This amazing technology ensures you to enjoy all range of frequency to the entire boundary. You can have emphatic, animated highs from this headphone.

Cavity Design

These Bluedio Bluetooth headphones designed uniquely than most other headphones. From those unique designs, Cavity Design is one of them. This Cavity Design gives excellent sound cancellation from some surrounding sounds. This also helps to increase the response of bass. In order to achieve resonance, it pushes the airflow of both front and back cavity.

Cavity Design includes particularly designed vents that adjust airflow and ventilation. Not only this but also it contributes to a full-bodied, vibrant and bouncy bass reproduction.


The manufacturer of Bluedio Bluetooth headphones U Plus (UFO) also conscious about your health. Seriously. If you do not believe me, for your kind information, this headphone adopts over-ear earmuffs and stereo clipping craft for protecting your ears. This not only reduces leaking voice but also brings you a voluntary and comfortable wearing.

If you are a pro DJ, you are definitely informed about the special requirement of DJ. The earcups need to be rotated so that they can listen to music in one ear and monitor the surrounding music. They have to mix one track to another. That is why this Bluedio U Plus (UFO) has the feature. The ear cups are designed to be rotated backward for 180 degrees like Ultrasone HFI-580. If you are not a DJ, but you want to stay aware of what`s happening around you, this Bluedio U Plus (UFO) is for you.

bluedio bluetooth headphones

Long lasting

Generally, a DJ thinks that they used to work in the crowdy environment. So, there is a possibility to break the headphone. They think whether the headphone will last long or not. But we are happily informing you that this Bluedio U Plus (UFO) is built with premium materials, Al-Ti alloy. So surely the headphone is robust, no chance of broken. It owns not only robust but also lightweight alloyed frames like Sennheiser HD25-1 II, yokes and sliders. That is how Bluedio U Plus (UFO) will keep you company for years.


  • A wireless headphone that can help you to move freely like Psyc Wave X1
  • Extra bass is ensured by PPS12 technology and its cavity design
  • Using PPS12 technology with 12 drivers where three drivers are for trembles and another three are for mids and bass
  • Excellent noise isolation for its nice cavity design


  • Provided cord quality is comparatively low
  • A little uncomfortable for those who have not exact round head


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How are they for reducing noise in the environment?

A: Through its cavity design and soft padding in the ear cups. And also, when you listen to with a bit high volume.

Q: Is Bluedio U Plus (UFO) sweat proof? Can I use those in the gym?

A: Yeah, but these are best for listening at home. They may be too heavy and hot for the gym.

Q: Why are UFO plus headphones more expensive than victory?

A: Because it has more bass and better built

Q: Do the UFO’s sound better wireless or wired?

A: Depends on the sound you’re going for. When on Bluetooth, there’s more bass but fewer mids and highs so they become muddied. When wired, the mids and highs become better, but the low end doesn’t hit as hard as when using Bluetooth, but they’re still bass heavy.

Q: Can you plug this in with a cable or is it Bluetooth only?

 A: Yes, you can use cables as well as Bluetooth. And the headphone provides a cable for your kind information.



Final Verdict

This Bluedio U Plus (UFO) headphone have amazing sound quality. The manufacturer knows very well about your needs. They are also conscious of their brand value. This wireless headphone gives you the chance to move freely. As a DJ, you need extra bass what is provided in this headphone. There used 12 drivers for your great experience with the headphones. Cavity design provides fantastic noise cancellation system. For the long-lasting, it is built with premium materials, Al-Ti alloy. Most of the needs can be fulfilled if you make the final decision to buy Bluedio U Plus (UFO).

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