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How to choose the best quality headphones for daily use:

This site is about the best quality headphones for DJ. That doesn’t mean, there is no headphone for non-DJ, non-Professionals or regular users. Besides, for your kind information, I wanna add, DJ headphones are only for DJ, professionals, they are the only user of DJ headphones –this is wrong. Rather, DJ Headphones can be used by all music lovers, regular users, in fact, they will have at better experience for sure. Because DJ headphones are specially made for professionals and they always demand quality goods. For this, you can sure, with DJ headphones you will definitely have quality time better than regular best quality headphones.

Wired or Wireless

Whenever you want to buy a headphone, you need to choose first, that, you want either a wired headphone or a wireless headphone. In wired headphone, you will have a certain amount of long cord or wire. It can be coiled or straight. Generally, it’s been 10 ft long. Actually, it varies headphone to headphone. On the other hand, in the wireless headphone, there is no cord or wire. Its mean, you are free to move. Nothing can stop you from your desired movement.

Type of Headphones

There are several types of headphones available on the market. But it’s only you who can select headphone for your own, what headphone is eligible for you. There are earbuds headphones which is very popular at the time. The Very interesting thing in earbuds is, you are having a quality sound at your best budget. However, its poor noise blocking system is irritating. Besides, in-ear headphones are using especially with Smartphone vastly. These kinds of headphones offer you favorable noise isolation as these can shut your ear canal opening off. And the real headphones that we really mean to treat as a headphone that is over ear headphones. It’s cover the entire ear. These headphones give you the actual quality of sound. You will experience excellent soundstage.

Technical specification

There are some technical specifications of headphones. The technical specification is buying requirements that set out the engineering requirements such as- functional, mechanical, operational, and quality and performance requirements. These things are normally not known to normal users. Experts present these to us easily so that we can judge and buy the headphones what we need.DJ Headphone Reviews Buying Experience Some are discussed below:

Frequency response: Frequency response is something that refers to the range of frequencies that the headphones precisely reproduce. This is expressed in harts (Hz). Generally, humans hearing range is 20 to 20000 Hz. And this range is usually accepted as the audible frequency range as well as this is the standard for most headphones. But sometimes some headphones have exceeds the range, for example, 5 to 30000 Hz (Shure SRH750DJ Headphones). Moreover, treble frequencies over 20,000 Hz are sometimes audible, but not consistently. Again, below 20 Hz bass frequencies may be felt more so than heard.

Impedance: Impedance very technical measurement that is hard to explain. In simple language, it is related to the sensitivity specification and is a measure of electrical resistance. It is expressed in ohms. If we generally look at the headphones available in the market, there are headphones with low and high impedance. Little power is needed for low impedance headphones to deliver high audio levels. About less than 25 ohms is called low impedance and it works well like smartphones, portable music player, and other portable devices. While, high impedance, more than 25 ohms, requires higher power to deliver high audio levels. To tell you an interesting thing, 25 to 70 ohms is the range of DJ headphones, say, Technics RPDJ1210 DJ headphones have 32 ohms.

Sensitivity: Sensitivity means how effectively an earphone converts an electrical signal into an acoustical signal. A best quality headphones sensitivity measures the relative amount of volume so that it can produce from a given amount of input power. It is expressed in decibels of Sound Pressure Level per milliwatt, or dB SPL/mW. It is estimated that 120 dB SPL level is the threshold of pain and over this level can cause permanent hearing damage in a short amount of time. While 112 dB SPL is nice what is in AKG K267 Tiesto DJ Headphones.


Choosing the right best quality headphones for you mostly depends on your lifestyle. In your everyday life, various things are done by us. Headphones can also be bought for various reasons that vary person to person, a person’s lifestyle to person’s to lifestyle. Some are:

For travel: When you are traveling, it will be great if you have foldable headphones. Then if you want exceptionally portable headphones, a wireless headphone is a good idea. Lightweight headphones can also be needed to move around easily. Besides, when lots of noise, while traveling on a plane or bus, noise-cancelling or sound-isolating headphones allow you to experience a great journey without being distracted.

For gaming: The real gamer always wants to surround the audience so that they can feel entirely involved in the game. That’s why they need headphones with virtual multi-channel surround capability. In this case, over-ear headphones are a common choice. And also require a deep bass response and high volume without distortion.

For sports and fitness: Lightweight headphones are preferable. Again, headphones with ear clips to hold the drivers in place and sometimes water resistance headphones are required for sports and fitness.

Final Verdict

The way of choosing the right High-Quality headphones to daily life is discussed. However, like most things in life, when it comes to choosing the right headphones, you get what you pay for. Some specifications can be helpful though. Thing is, sometimes like frequency response can be tricky. There is no alternative to listen carefully and critically. Again, it is considered how you plan to use your new headphones that are critical in identifying the right model as well. We will be very pleased if you can the right headphones for your own and enjoy your life with confidence.

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