Best Open Back Headphones under 100

We have gone through the hassle of analyzing the Best Open Back Headphones Under 100 in hopes that you can make a slightly more informed decision before you go out to get your pair’s best headphones in 2020

Why choose Open Back headphones over other headphones?

Open back headphones are great for all kinds of uses like gaming, listening songs, mixing and mastering administrative works and for moderate use too. It is simply because air can pass through ear cups which results in more comfort during using it than other headphones. Moreover, these open ear cups help in producing no echoes. Its open back creates sound more natural and clear. As these open back headphones have so many advantages, many expensive high-end headphones provide open back.

Top Open Back Headphones

There are Best open back headphones under 300 even best open back headphones under 500 which are pretty expensive to buy. So in this article, we have created a list of Top 5 Best Open Back Headphones under 100. Read the full article to choose Best Headphones under 100 according to your liking.

Philips SHP9500

This is one of the Best Open Back Headphones Under 100 for mixing. Its sound quality is on point, the listening experience is great and it reproduces tracks with above-average fidelity.Best Open Back Headphones under 100-Philips SHP9500


Comfort: The SHP9500 are very comfortable headphones. Many people complain about small ear cups. You will not face any such issues regarding this headphone. It has large ear cups that fit nicely and it is neither too tight nor heavy for their head size.

Good sound: The quality of the sound produced from this headphone is simply amazing. It reproduces perfect sound for neutral listeners. 

Durable build: This headphone’s durability can’t be complained about compared with other headphones at this price range. In spite of the fact that they are developed principally with plastic with metal flame broils just to cover the drivers, they are designed well and don’t feel modest on your hands. 


Not ideal sound isolation: Sound spillage and noise isolation are not exactly perfect, yet that will be normal. Like other full-size open earphones, this is immovably for home use in a noiseless environment.

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Sennheiser HD 559

The 559 arrives in a standard Sennheiser box. Inside, you’ll discover the headphones, a separable headphone link, and a guarantee booklet.Best Open Back Headphones under 100-Sennheiser-HD-559

This headphone is very much affordable for its low pricing and nice design, sound quality. If you use this headphone you will certainly feel much difference in sound quality and overall to other Best Sennheiser Headphones. It is lightweight, console arranged of plastic and has a ¼” sound system plug.


Soundstage: Profundity and position are alright here, conveying a feeling of soundstage that is available, yet a long way from capturing. This is about what I anticipated from the passage level model, however, the general powerful stable presumably loans some improvement to this humble impression.

High end: Not really brilliant or loose, the 559 holdbacks on the most elevated high notes while holding a lot of detail and complexity in the remainder of the very good quality. The sound is sharp and understandable, however without being penetrating or undesirable. 

Getting comfortable: The foam ear cups are comfortable. There’s a lot of room inside for greater ears, not at all like with the Sound Technica ATH-M50x earphones. The top headband is milder than the ear cups, however, and that guarantees they remain on solidly


Mids: Experiencing the slight pressure in the upper mids (a repetitive topic we’re seeing with a ton of the new Sennheiser models), the HD 559 may not do a few vocals equity.

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Grado SR80e

The Good The Grado SR80e headphones offer surprising sound for the modest $$ charge and are comfortable to wear, specifically for an on-ear model. Thanks to the open-back layout, stereo imaging is extra spacious and natural. The Bad Open-back design shall we noise in; the beefy plug is not like-minded with many telephone cases.Best Open Back Headphones under 100-Grado-SR80e


Sound performance: You can’t deny the fact that this headphone has the best sound performance in you use it even for once. Because of its excellent sound performance, this headphone is a must for all.

Build quality: The Grado SR80e is an open-back, on-ear headphone with a completely unique design. The perfectly rounded ear-cups have huge foam ear pads attached that extend beyond the plastic driver unit. The retro-ness is accentuated with the wire grill cowl that permits you to look at the drivers. The steel prongs that join the faux-leather headband to ear cups give the vibe of a vintage radio headset.

Bass: Before the mod, the bass was mostly missing or very faint on most recordings. In fact, I was mostly using the Grado only on recordings that had too much bass. After the mod, the bass is really detailed and extended and it is well integrated with the rest of the frequencies. The GradoSR80e has the best bass.


Noise: The sound leaks of this headphone is very bad. Its sound leak feels like a damaged tap. This is the only disadvantage of this headphone. Otherwise, you must try this pair of headphones.

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Superlux HD668B

The drivers Superlux filled into the 668B are very, very spectacular and no sub-$$ headphones earlier than sounds pretty this good. The well-known signature is balanced, crisp, and neutral in tone. The bass never exaggerated, rather acting tight, quick, and accurate. Best Open Back Headphones under 100-Superlux-HD668B


Value: The Superlux HD668B has been praised lots as of late, and all we will do is just heap it on – for the asking price, the headphone is a wonderful performer for folks who put decision and clarity especially else. If there’s whatever questionable about these, it’s far their portability– while they don’t look as cumbersome as my AKG monitors, include a portable-length cable, and play quality with battery-powered sources, they’re still massive cans that don’t fold and definitely aren’t built to be crammed in a bag.

Replaceable cable: The cable is as a substitute thin, however, it is as a minimum detachable, so if you show up to step over the cable, it needs to simply come right off – if not, the cable may be changed as described.

Lows and vocals: Lows are not missing anything in their range. They sound accurate and are very responsive. Vocals are very clear and natural too.


Build quality: They look and feel pretty cheap. They feel solid enough but fancy these are not. They may be stupidly cheap and they’re plastic.

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AKG M220 Pro

Everyone’s average listening enjoyment was very good with these headsets. The AKG M220 offers top audio pleasant with first-rate bass and a pleasing clear mid-range. For most effective USD $$, you get everything expected from a high-quit headphone. It can be said that it is the best budget open back headphones.Best Open Back Headphones under 100-AKG-M220-Pro


Comfortable fit: Marked by clear highs and a solid bass presence, the M220 Pro’s reference sound signature offers a great baseline from which to compare other headphones as you build your collection. And even as that collection grows, these are sure to remain a favorite, with their circumaural fit and smooth matte finish. The ear cups are even mounted on gimbals with a two-axis rotation, which allows you to wear them in a variety of positions without sacrificing comfort or performance.

Sound quality: These headphones have a superb response to piano tracks. It’s a gentle sound that is not shrill and doesn’t distort at higher frequencies. So overall sound quality is a big plus point.

Bass: Comparing its bass to other headphones at this price range it is easily the best one. If you love music or even do gaming then you will love these headphones.


Build quality: Build quality honestly isn’t all that great compared to other headphones in this price range.

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Final Verdict

You should consider what you’ll be utilizing your new headphones for; in the event that you have to soundtrack your exercise, you’ll need to see earphones explicitly intended for running or swimming, in the event that for gaming, at that point you ought to pick Best Open Back Headphones Under 100 which fulfills your needs. 

In conclusion, you have to think about the cost. You don’t need to burn up all available resources when you are purchasing a couple of headphones, as to prove by our guide for the best modest open-back headphones of 2020.



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