Best headphones for EDM (Electronic Dance Music) are the Essential accessory for all the music lovers all this genre. Unlike EDM headphones ordinary headphones will never give you the real tests of deep rich bass, hi-fi audio, and other advanced features. Since the right Choice of weapon is always very important. So firstly we need to know what is the EDM music actually?

Definition Of EDM Music:

According to Wikipedia EDM is also known as a electronic music which is included dance music or club music also. It is generally produced for playback by disc jockeys(DJ) who create seamless selections of tracks, called a mix by segueing from one recording to another.

There are lots of headphone in the world which is Best headphones for EDM. And most of the headphone is use top DJ in the world like Martin Garrix Dj.

List of some top and Best headphones for EDM

Sennheiser HD 598SR:

The Sennheiser HD 598SEs Which are no longer available because they’ve been replaced with the HD598SR.And according to our research and this is the Best Sennheiser Headphones, the only thing that has changed between the SEs and the SRs would be the headband, as well as they’ve added an in-line microphone to the cable. And this is our first pick Best headphones for EDM.


  • Exceptional Musicality.
  • Seamless Connectivity.
  • Extreme Comfort.
  • E.A.R. Technology.

What’s in the box?

So now let’s go ahead and talk about what comes in the box! You’re gonna get a set of open-back headphones! You get a 1.2m straight cable! You get a 3m straight cable, which terminates into 6.3mm jack!Best headphones for EDM And you get a 6.3 to 3.5mm adapter! As far as the build quality of these things, they do feel really nice They are all plastic. but they still feel sturdy, and they’re very very flexible and they should fit on pretty much anybody’s head.

The headband has a really nice amount of padding that’s very comfortable and very cushioned. The earcups also have nice valor pads that are very comfortable and breathe really well so your ears won’t get hot. And the earcups do rotate a little bit to ensure that they contour to your head shape. As far as specs, people guess that these have about 40mm drivers they have a frequency response of 12Hz to 38.5KHz and they have an impedance of 50 Ohmz.

Sound Quality:

So in terms of the overall sound quality, they do seem pretty neutral, it’s not gonna be super bass heavy since they are open backs, so if you’re looking for super bassy headphones like Sennheiser HD 8, these aren’t going to be for you. These also seem to be very mid-forward or where – that’s really what we hear the majority of and then it does lack a little bit in the higher frequencies which you may not a big fan of. But if you do like darker sounding headphones, these may be an amazing option for you.



  • These things are really well built.
  • It has a detachable cable system even though it is proprietary.
  • They have a really nice soundstage, and they’re just insanely comfortable.


  • Erratic but decent for vocal heavy music

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V-MODA Crossfade M-100:

Crossfade M-100 is the latest addition in V-MODA’s line of headphones these headphones show a great example of mixing a high sense of fashion and audio quality they have a neat and elegant box and we put it in the number of two Best headphones for EDM. And this is also the first choice of world top DJs.Best headphones for EDM

The headphones are placed inside the well designed compact carrying case along with the pair of headphone cables. and a 3.5 to 6.3-millimeter adapter the carrying case is rigid and the headphones are well-protected inside the cables are a 1.3 m long. smartphone cable and a 2 m share play cable which allows you to connect an extra pair of headphones through a built-in plug both cables have a 45-degree connector the M-100 looks fashionable.


Crossfade M100 is 50MM dual-diaphragm drivers with patent pending. Inner and outer rings separate the bass from bleeding into the mids and highs for extraordinary best sound quality headphones. And consistent driver quality tested at 6 frequencies for stricter consistency than the competition, often by an order of magnitude. pure sound without the pollution of two extra digital-to-analog conversions of battery powered headphones.

Sound Quality:

V-Moda has specially designed the clip fold hinge that enables you to fold them into the compact carrying case these are full-size over-ear best DJ headphones with 50 mm driver inside each cup you can notice the V-port on the side of each cup in order to enhance the soundstage of the headphones.

The sound isolation is good, it’s easy to enjoy music while walking through the city, even a crowdy place.

  • Instrument Engineer Verified
  • Clean Deep Bass
  • Ultra-Clarity & Vivid Midrange
  • Immersive 3D Soundstage

V-MODA M-100 are able to combine a high and quality audio perfect sense of style and fashion along with quality durable materials. they sound great with all kinds of DJ music R&B and pop you can still enjoy other kinds of music as well.


  • Patented 50mm Dual-Diaphragm Drivers to separate bass from mids and highs.
  • Military-Level Durability.
  • Everlasting Comfort


  • Short cable.
  • The cushions on these at all very thin and hard.

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Beats Mixr Wired:

First of all, build quality for the Beats Mixr’s has been pretty impressive. These are meant to be a DJ headphone, and for the money, you get a mixture of metals and plastics that feels really solid, feels really durable. It actually feels better than the virtually all plastic Sony MDR-V55, though it’s not quite as nice in terms of fit and finishes as something like the Best Sennheiser Headphone Momentum. They come in a number of different colors now, and they have a number of design features which we think are worth a closer look.

What’s in the box?

So with the Mixr’s the cables are detachable, and you get two headphone cables. You get a coiled DJ-style cable and you get a normal straight cable with an iPhone remote.Beats Mixr Wired Now what’s cool about this cable is that you can actually attach it to either side, either ear-cup, because there are jacks on both, and what’s cool about the jack is that it’s not recessed in any way, it’s a standard 3.5mm jack, so if you break the cable, you can pretty much replace it with any off-the-shelf 3.5mm cable. So that’s really cool.

The other nice thing about the MixRs is that the ear-cups swivel up, so you can fold it all up into this nice little compact shape. Because the ear-cups swivel up individually, you can actually do neat little things like wear the headphone on one side of your head, which again I suppose is useful if you’re a DJ.

Sound Quality:

Beats Mixr’s has been pretty impressive with his sound quality. Very heavy bass blocks out all sound and provides decent highs and mids. Sound quality is great on any music optimized for bass if it like a pop song or something not amazing but still decent quality if you play around with the equalizer you can make any song sound good.

It’s actually made for the Made for DJs like Who is the best DJ in the world right now and others Djs.


  • Aluminum Alloy Skeleton.
  • In-line control and mic cable (features may vary).
  • The quality is good and the weight is minimal.


  • The mic is not functioning
  • Tight but temporarily tight!

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Final Verdict

At the end of the Best headphones for EDM we get three of best headphone. which is fit for Electronic Dance Music.EDM is designed to be the ultimate ear candy, so don’t settle for merely good headphones if you don’t have to. You deserve the best EDM headphones and a great place to start is looking toward your EDM heroes as a point of audio inspiration.

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