Gifts are always pleasant to give or even receive. Gifts make the other really happy. By giving gifts, you can show that you are thankful to other people. The receiver will feel your love and gratitude if you give them gifts. If you give a gift to DJ then he will be very happy. It can make someone’s day. It will make your relation with the other person very deep. But if you give the right gift they will be happier. There are many best gifts for DJs. 

We will give you the best gift ideas for DJs.

These are funny gifts for DJs which you can choose from. If you go for something funny then you should make customize things. Like customize DJ headphone designs, customize T-shirts, custom text on mugs. You can add very funny text or something close to your heart and give a subheading of your name. 

There are many best Christmas gifts for DJs. You can gift those on Christmas or even normal days too. Christmas is a very exciting occasion. So, you can give a backpack, a good headphone or even a laptop stand. You can go with open-back headphones too.

A DJs birthday can be very thrilling. So there are many Birthday gifts for DJs.  You can gift a customize DJ birthday cake to that special person. There are many DJ watches too which you can gift too. Now there are many expensive gifts you can go for as well. 

Expensive Gifts For DJs

Best Gifts for DJs

Reloop RP-7000 MK 

The best gift you can give to a DJ is a turntable. A modern and great looking turntable is always pleasant to a DJ. It is a good value product too. What it offers for a DJ worth the price you are paying. This turntable is very adjustable too. So DJs can adjust it according to their choice.

KRK Rokit 6 Monitors

What can be a better thing for a DJ than a monitor? A DJ loves a great and colorful monitor. It excites their mind and it helps in their work too. So if you are wanting to pay something for a gift then go for this one. 

Sennheiser HD-25s

Headphones are the second most important thing or instrument for a DJ. It doesn’t matter if he already has one pair of good headphones, he will definitely love a good quality headphone. This Sennheiser HD 25s is a great pair of headphone which the other person will definitely love and enjoy its sound. 

Now if you are looking for less expensive gifts then here are your choices.

Best Gifts For DJs Under $100

Best Gifts for DJs

Yescom disco ball

A disco ball is a perfect gift for a DJ. It gives the environment a very DJ type of feeling. Without a disco ball, a party seems very incomplete. So a disco ball will be a great gift if you want to give and the best disco ball is this very product from Yescom.

Laser lights

DJ is mostly about lighting and music. If you can create a very decent DJing environment then the audience will love it the most. So you should focus more on such gifts. A laser light exactly does that. It creates a DJ environment for more enjoyment. It is a good option.

Hercules DJControl

Controlling the music level and other things are quite an important task for DJ. You need to offer what the environment is wanting and the audience wants. In such circumstances, controlling is difficult. So a DJ controller is a very good option. This DJ controller from Hercules is very good and it got a very good review. 

UDG Ultimate Waist Bag

A waist bag is very important for DJs. He needs to carry different things with him. They can be lost if kept in a crowded place. Even managing those things could be very hard. So a waist bag helps you to keep everything with you and lessen the risk of losing things. 


There are many headphones under 100 for DJs. It will easier their workload then performance in DJ. A DJ will definitely love a DJ pair of headphones. But they are very expensive at times. We have some great DJ headphones under $100. You can click here to find out about your choice. 

If you are into less expensive gifts than $100 then there are options for you too. Here are some DJ gifts under $50

Best Gifts For DJ Under $50

Best Gifts for DJs

Headphone stand

A headphone stand becomes quite important for a DJ. DJ headphones are very expensive and valuable too. If you keep it at every place it can get damaged. A specific place and item are best for keeping headphone. In that factor, the headphone stand comes into handy. 

Hand grip exerciser

For DJ you need to many works with hand especially with the controls of a mixer or other things. So a DJs’s hand needs to have good strength. A hand grip exerciser is required for that purpose.

DJ T-Shirt

A good DJ t-shirt could be a good option to gift. The person needs to wear it every day for special occasions or events. They will remember you while they wear it. You can remain more in touch with the person if you gift them a DJ t-shirt. 

DJ mug

You will find many DJ mugs in the market. They have special customization offers. If you can customize some DJ thing or your pics together then it will be a good option. It is a very cheap and very good, an interesting gift too.

Disposal earplugs

Earplugs are a great cheap option to gift. Earplugs are important for every DJ almost. They need better sound and keep their ear safe and protected. So earplug is a cheap option to go for. 


DJ works are very difficult to do. It takes a lot of hard work and metal labor too. They give their best to entertain their audience and make an event more interesting. So they need to work hard and find the right combination too. In those circumstances, if you gift something to a DJ their mind will be joyful. They will be happy. It can make their day. It will help to build your relationship with that person even more. 

So we have given you the best DJ gift ideas for every price range. You can choose any from these. 


Q. Do you need expensive gifts to give to a DJ? 

A. No, you can gift cheap items too which are useful for him.

Q. Are headphones the best gift for a DJ?

 A. Yes but there are other options too. 

Q. Can you gift a travel bag to DJ?

A. Yes, it will help them while they travel from one event to another. 

Q. Should you ask what gift they want before gifting?

A. No, it is better to gift them without letting them know in advance. 

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