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Best Ear Protection For the music-loving folks, louder is always a better option. For DJs, there are no surprises that they find themselves in: nightclubs, music festivals, and DJ booths with loud monitors. Here, the more frequently you play out, the higher chance you have of it becoming a permanent problem for their ears. Ridiculously, this loudness can be a silent kiss of death for your ears. If a DJ isn’t careful about their hearing protection, they risk ruining the only set of ears they have. It is not just a small problem for DJs failing the ability to hear accurately; literally, it can end up one’s career. Now, in order to save your career you have followed the Best Ear Protection guide as follows:

How do DJs protect their ears?

Using professional earplugs –

Here is the thing that a DJ wears a DJ professional headphone instead of a cheap one. A cheap earplug cannot filter out the dangerous frequencies while a professional pair can. It seems expensive for in the initial stage but after a while, you will appreciate them because you will still hear properly after a gig.

Turning down the monitor in between mixes –

A DJ allows his ears a chance to have a break from the mix. When the mix goes a long way, it can damage your hearing. In bonus, you can also have the chance to hear what is coming out of the front and assess the vibe of the room.

Avoiding back to back gigs –

A conscious DJ never performs back to back gigs. They find some time in their schedule for their ears to recover in between slots. I know, it is difficult to do, particularly when you are just getting cracking regular slots but if it can be avoided, it is a better idea.

Limiting frequent long sets –

Nowadays, it is not frequently that a DJ is playing for 4 hours plus but sometimes you can find yourself for a long time. It is good actually necessary for a DJ limiting the number of times he does. And prolonged exposure over time causes Tinnitus. So, for your betterment, limit the long sets that can help you out.

Leaving the drink –

There are a good number of DJs think that they are better when they are drunk. That is completely wrong thinking. The terrifying thing is that the more you drink, the more you turn up the volume for not being able to hear as clearly. As a result, you are damaging your own hearing system. The real DJs save the booze until after they have played.

Considering using in-ear monitors –

Now, this is not used by every DJ but some DJ uses this. Because in-ear monitors are better than most others for your hearing. You can use them at a much lower level volume.Reasonably though, they are not preferable for everyone, it would be advocated to try them first before purchasing a good headphones.

Some Best Ear Protection Advice For The DJs

Silent Killer:

The horrifying fact that most DJs are not serious enough to admit that the hearing damage is permanent. It is quite common for a DJ ringing in the ears after the show. Generally, it goes away by the time you wake up in the morning. But one day it might not go. It should be the supreme priority for a DJ to follow the Best Ear Protection for concerts all cost, otherwise, that best nights you have ever had behind the decks may be gone forever.

When you perform publicly, from monitors to stage speakers and even some headphones, your ears get a workout. All those things should keep your mind because of the consequences of hearing loss or hearing damage may not happen instantly. For many DJs, that ringing in the ears, generally a symptom of Tinnitus, occurs slowly and never goes away. The condition can go worst and cause mental or psychological side effects.

Use some specialized headphones:

There are several options for Best Budget Headphones available in the market that can provide the Best Ear Protection. Noise-canceling headphones can help to dump outside noise. Here, it is recommended that use a closed back headphone rather than open back headphone because it isolates more noises than the open back headphone. You can check a closed back headphone Numark Red Wave DJ Headphones. In addition, there are some headphones that have memory foam like KRK KNS8400 Headphones. Memory foam, invented by NASA, consists mainly of polyurethane as well as additional chemicals increasing its viscosity and density that delivers improved low-end response. As a result, it blocks the noise. Besides, limit volumes to 85 decibels is an option for many headphones available in the market. That can be a better choice.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, selecting the equipment is only half the battle. But the other battle remains and that is, adjusting your DJing habits that vastly impact DJ’s hearing protection. It is the best to give your ears rest between gigs. This best hearing protection can allow your ears an opportunity to recover from the loud music and sound. It is needed to give some time to rest after your gig, find a quiet place without a little bit sound, and let your ear chill for a bit.

You should always keep in mind, you have only one set of ears that you need to protect them in your entire life – where other tools are available. Remember the fact that your ear is your gear, and to guard your valuable assets whatever you need to do, just do that.

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