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As a DJ, headphones are one of the accessories which help us feel the music and it is only natural we would want to get a solid pair which will last us for a while. The Best Budget Headphones can also be used for DJing because they are usually made from durable materials and have a good sound. Getting the Best DJ Headphones Under $100 is really not an issue because a lot of high-quality headphones fall within that range.

When shopping for the best DJ headphone under that price range we tend to get confused by all the fancy earphones. It is recommended that you try to keep it simple and stick with closed back designs which isolate sound so that you can concentrate on your mix without others hearing what you are listening to. The headphones we will compare in this article are the Best DJ Headphones Under $100. We will be considering features like aesthetics, ability to fold, casing, extra ear cups, technical specifications amongst others.

Allen & Heath XONE XD2-53

This headphone is one of the Best Budget DJ Headphones Under $100, a lot of DJ’s will vouch for this pair.Best Budget Headphones It is pretty much the most sought after headphones which are used by DJ’s because of its features. Those features include: a strong build and neat design, the Allen & Heath headphones have the ability to fold perfectly. Its cable is detachable just in case you want to make use of a short or long wire. It also comes with a pouch and they look super sleek. Its technical specifications are: picks a wide range frequency of 5 to 33 kHz, 36 Ohms impedance and its drivers are hefty at 53mm.


  • The clean sound which is designed for studio use.
  • Isolates noise from outside.
  • Removable cable.


  • Tight clamping force since it has to seal around the ear

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

When listening out the Best Headphones under $100, we have to list the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x because it is the most comfortable headphones for DJ’s.Best Budget Headphones This headphone can also be used for gaming, it has a wide range of uses and is not only restricted to DJing. There are several versions of this model at a lower price, but these particular headphones have the best specification and features. Its features included; It is produced in white, black or blue colors. The headphone is designed to have leather padding and headband and its ear cups swivel. It is foldable and comes with a carrying bag.


  • Large ear cups that swivel
  • Clear and neutral which is perfect for studio use
  • Open back design
  • Velour ear pads

A comfortable headband that can accommodate any head profile.


  • Non-removable cable.

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Stanton DJ Pro 2000

This is the cheap headphone when compared to other headphones, and its aluminum build makes it durable such that it won’t easily break.Best Budget Headphones When we compiled a list of the Best Headphones under $100, we couldn’t leave this out because of its feature and the cheap price. It is usually used by DJ Tiesto, even if it’s just a marketing strategy we think if you are on a budget this headphone can suffice and give you the sound you need. Its aesthetic beauty makes it pretty synonymous with DJ gear. Its features include; a detachable and rotatable ear cups, a nice aluminum build, a mini-jack adapter, and a carry pouch. Its drivers are 50mm.


  • It’s durable and won’t easily break
  • Detachable ear cups for better storage
  • Excellent build quality


  • Non-removable cable

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Sony MDR1A

This is a product from Sony Electronics and is one of the most expensive headphones within the $100 budget range.Best Budget Headphones Considering the specifications and its features the price of this headphone has been justified. It is most sought after by a lot of DJ’s because of its compatibility with smartphones. Its features include; a 40mm driver and a built-in control for smartphones in case you have a DJ app where on any smart device. It also has an interchangeable cable and a carry pouch. If you are up for a cool DJ headphone that will go with all your gears, we recommend this earphone but if you’re below the $50 budget you can pick any of the other reviewed headphones like Sony MDR7506 Professional


  • Removable cables
  • Excellent build quality
  • Compatible with smartphones


  • Offers minimal flex for all head profiles

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The quality of this headphone makes it stand at the price point at which it is. It is one of the most decent headphones which have a bass boost switch available.Best Budget Headphones What you hear from the headphone is quite different from other will be heard because it is not for mixing. Other than that its other features are unique like AKG K267 Tiesto DJ Headphones. It has a detachable cable and 50mm drivers. They are comfortable and lightweight, can fold up perfectly and are a great fit for any head profiles.


  • Clear and neutral bass headphone
  • Removable cable
  • Can fold up perfectly


  • No-replaceable ear pads

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Final Verdict

If you have not a DJ Headphone Buying Experience, As a DJ, the sound of the headphone is always a top priority for the comfort and aesthetic beauty. From the list of the Best Headphones Under $100 reviewed above, we have carefully selected DJ headphones which are also the Best gaming headphones and they all have the best features that make them unique and stand out with Best Budget Headphones.

These headphones are mostly closed back designs which help isolate the sounds. Always stick to simple headphones which will help you concentrate on the mix without having distractions from out. If you are thinking of shopping for a headphone below a $100 budget, we recommend you choose from one of the above headphones.

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