Things to Look For While Buying the Best DJ Headphone

There are a couple of things to keep in mind if you are in the market to buy a pair of best DJ headphone for yourself. Consider this as a mini buying guide to get a head start in your endeavor.

Sound Quality

The first and foremost thing to look for is the check the best sound quality headphones. The DJ Headphone covers a range of between 20 Hz – 20 KHz to cover all the sounds of your mix. You will not be able to mix the tracks properly if you don’t get to hear every single detail and best headphones for mixing. Even if you are on a budget, do not skimp out on the sound quality as your production will get hampered and it is not worth it in the end.


Impedance is the amount of resistance and is an important feature in DJ headphones. The unit is measured in Ohm. Headphones with low impedance require little power to reach their peak. Since DJ equipment is typically connected with rich amplifiers, it is necessary to have a higher impedance. Most DJ headphones range between 32 to 100 Ohms, with the majority being in the range of 45 to 60 Ohms as like as Razer Adaro. When you are buying one, look for higher impedance as it means that the headphones will be able to handle a large frequency range while being connected to power speakers without getting damaged.

Frequency Range

The human ear can listen to sounds within the range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Most DJ headphones are capable of playing the sounds within this entire audible spectrum so you are good to go. Some headphones claim to play sounds up to 35,000 Hz but know that this is a marketing gimmick, nothing else. The human ear can’t hear anything above the 20,000 Hz anyway so you shouldn’t be getting one anything above it.


Sensitivity means the maximum volume the DJ headphones are capable to produce. It is expressed as the ratio of decibels (dB) to mill watt (mW). The higher the dB/mW count, the higher is the volume. Most DJ headphones will go up to 100 dB/mW and certain models go even as high as 110 dB/mW. Truth is, you are good enough as long as you have the 100 dB/mW. Going any further can be harmful to the ear.

Noise Cancellation

If you are trying to become a professional DJ or best DJ in the world, chances are, you are going to be doing performances in front of talking crowds and parties and your setting will always have a lot of things going on at once with people laughing and talking and the music blasting. All these background noises should not bother you as the DJ since you have to know what you are going to play next and how you make the mix and match ahead of time.

So it is necessary to get a pair of DJ Headphones which will cover up the background noise. Look for the closed back and over the ear headphones to get this advantage also some Best Open Back Headphones Under 100. These are referred to as Circumaural in the specifications. Also, check the fit around your ear before buying. It should have a nice and tight fit around the ear, but not so much that it causes you pain.


When you are out there performing in front of a pumping audience, you want to be comfortable as you are supposed to be at it for at least several hours. A lighter pair is going to feel a lot better than the heavier ones but make sure they are substantial as well. If the headphones press on your head and ears too much, you will start to feel uncomfortable pretty soon and it will definitely show as well.


Being a DJ is not a delicate profession as there is a lot of moving around involved. The equipment has to be sturdy enough to handle the treatment no matter how rough you get with it. It is very much likely for a DJ to drop, throw or kick at the headphones to let out the frustration so the headphones need to be able to stand through those tough times. Getting a pair of headphones that are going to fall apart at the slightest bump will not cut the job.

Of course, you can’t expect to stomp all over your headphones every single day and still expect them to keep working and giving you the top-notch quality, but it should be rugged enough to last you a long enough time. The more rugged your DJ Headphone is the better. But keep in mind that regardless of the superior quality of your Best DJ Headphone, if you have regular gigs, you will have to replace them quite frequently. It is how the job description is.


DJs generally do not wear their headphones over both the ears or straight on the top of their head all the time. DJs tend to use the headphones in multiple ways so they have to be flexible enough to twist and turn according to their needs. Swivel or rotating cups, a shoulder pad, and lightweight but sturdy material is the way to go when it comes to getting a pair of  DJ headphones. A stiff and inflexible design will make your job tougher and more miserable and in the end, you are just going to end up breaking them. So do not settle for the cheap pair just to save some money because, in the long run, you will end up spending more anyway.

Closed-Back Design

It is recommended that you get a pair with the closed back design. This design is suitable to keep the background noise out of your way. The background noise needs to be muted down if you want to listen to your mixes ahead of time. It is also necessary for a DJ to know and differentiate the differences among low, mid and high pitches. Having a rich bass is not necessary but knowing which notes are needed to properly mix and match two songs seamlessly is essential if you plan to go professional as a DJ. A closed back design will give you exactly that ability.

Length of Cordbest DJ headphone

If you are going to be performing for an audience, chances are, you are not going to be standing at one place the whole night. Hence the need for a cord that is long enough to let you move around and not make you feel restricted. Some headphones come with a coiled cable but they might not work the best for you. Some headphones come with an interchangeable straight cord so that is a good thing. Even if your pair did not come with one, you can buy yourself a long and straight cord to replace it with.

¼ Inch Jack

The DJ equipment requires a ¼ inch audio jack whereas non-professional equipment, such as the iPod plug uses a 1/8 inch jack. You will need a converter to plug it into the majority of professional DJ equipment if you don’t get yourself a plug that is ¼ inch. Another thing is that even after you use an adapter to make your 1/8 inch jack compatible with the DJ equipment; it can cause interference and diminish the sound quality. Thus it is recommended to get a pair of DJ Headphones with a ¼ inch jack.


As a digital DJ, you need to have a pair of  DJ Headphones that will fit well in your gig bag along with all of the other DJ equipment such as your laptop, controller and other necessities. Make sure your headphones are bendable enough or you have enough storage inside your bag to keep them safe and secure while you are on the move. Some DJ headphones come with a carrying case and some don’t. It is better to get yourself a carrying case to keep your headphones in the best possible way. Remember that to keep your pair of headphones working for the longest time, you need to take good care of them.

Detachable Cable

Some DJ headphones have interchangeable and detachable cables that can be conveniently removed from the device and then be carried separately. This improves the portability factor of DJ headphones. Keep in mind though, in some case, it might lead to a marginal drop in the sound quality. If you want to carry your DJ headphone with you to gigs, the detachable cable technique might be a decent choice to make.

Playback Control

Some DJ headphones have the ability to control playbacks with pausing, playing and the changing of tracks. This is not a necessary feature but this does enhance the overall usability of the headphones. Most DJ headphones do not have this feature so don’t sweat too much if your favorite pair which otherwise fulfills all the other important criteria does not have this.

The DJ headphones are in the different categories of headphones probably because of the marketing gimmicks but some brands these days do have some distinctive qualities in them which make them stand out from the regular headphones. DJ headphones, by all means, can absolutely be worn by regular people who love to listen to their music on the go and like to get the bass and pitches correct and crisp with super clarity. The DJ Headphone is different in terms of their sound quality. They are also easy to wear while DJing by making them flexible to work with.

The first thing is the closed ear cups. This design helps in isolating the loud main PA to help the user hear what they are monitoring. Then there are more robust hinges to make them sturdy. It is a new innovation as most DJs tend to break them because of the way they use them. Based on the can, sound responses vary from regular headphones as DJs need to listen to mid-bass and highs while mixing the music, rather than high bass and best budget DJ headphones.

Why Should DJs Wear DJ Headphones?

Wearing headphones other than having superior sound quality and flexibility in design, DJ headphones are better suited for a DJ to get their job done efficiently and effectively because of the following reasons.

Cue the Music

DJs have to listen ahead to mix songs. Choosing a song that will best suit the current mood of the crowd is not an easy task. The important task is to make sure that the songs blend effortlessly. This means that the tempo and the beat must fall at the same time. As one song plays for the crowd, the DJ needs to be listening to another song to be later included in the mix. The DJ then attempts to match the tempo and beats of the incoming song to the one currently plating without losing the momentum.

As soon as the two songs match, the DJ needs to increase the volume of the incoming track to make the two songs audible at once. This is one of the major reasons why DJs need to use DJ headphones. The good DJ Headphone help in finding the right time to play the song and mash them up together. It is helpful in case the DJ doesn’t know or remember the song.

Get Better At Music Productionbest DJ headphone

Better tools help you in doing your job better. It is true for producing music as well. Clarity is very important to create music with great combinations. The need for a DJ headphone is even greater at the beginning of your DJing journey as most DJs starting out do not have the money to afford a professional studio to make their music. It is possible to make good use of the hardware at your home with a pair of DJ headphones to reproduce your music by mixing and matching.

Even while performing, headphones are an important tool to zone out the background loud music. To get your creativity flowing in the right direction, you need to have a pair of DJ headphones to hear the music without any background noise or distortion.

Get Confident

When you know that you have the support of your nifty little pair of DJ headphones, you will get the confidence to show off your creativity. In public performances, it is not all about playing the currently popular songs as gauging the mood of the audience is immensely important. Things like if the crowd is appreciating your efforts, the lighting, people coming to approach you – things like these can take your focus away from the music. But when you know you have the Perfect DJ Headphone and you are capable of doing a good job with them, you will get more confident.

Get Competitive

The music industry is a harsh one and it can be especially harder for a DJ to create a name, as anyone with passion and basic hardware can start to mix music and offer their services. Most young artists can’t afford the state of the art equipment but spending money to buy a pair of Quality DJ Headphones is a wise decision to make at the early stage. Of course, average headphones will still get you gigs here and there as long as you have some sort of creativity within you but the fact is, you need a good pair to get that leverage over others.

Look Stylish

Professional DJs can easily mix even without headphones. But in today’s online world people will criticize you for not mixing with headphones. Djing with a pair of stylish looking DJ headphones makes you look like you know what you are doing, as conceited as that sounds. Apart from that, DJing without headphones is no easy task either, as the skill to understand what songs blends without cueing over the speakers is a hard job. Beginners should stick solely with their headphones to make sure that they don’t make any blunders in their performances.

What Do You Need

Other than being lightweight and having superior best quality headphones, you should know exactly what kind of headphone you want depending on what kind of DJ you are or plan to be. One of the most common ways to use the DJ headphones is to put them on one ear and keep the other ear open. This is the basic idea for mixing as the open ear is listening to the monitor speaker while the other one is monitoring the other channel. Many of the Best DJ Headphone comes with the ability to spin one of the earpieces out of your way and if you are considering a pair such as this, try this feature out. It is not absolutely necessary to get this feature though, so do your thing.


Even though the price should come as one of the first considerations, the general rule of thumb when you are out for a headphone is to get a high-end pair of headphones by spending big bucks. If you are really tight on the budget and can only afford a mid-range or lower range one you can check out Best Budget DJ Headphones Review 2018, make sure to double-check all the listed criteria above with your choice and try to match as much as possible. Know that eventually your headphone will stop working and you might have to spend even more in the long run so choose wisely.


The look and style of your DJ headphones have absolutely nothing to do with how it functions in terms of sound quality, flexibility, adaptability, comfort, etc. but it is an equally important matter. Like it or not, similar to all other types of performing acts, looks do matter in case of you performing as a DJ. You as a performer have to look your best while you are standing up on your booth. The audience is going to take notice if you wear a pair of cheap and shabby looking headphones and it will affect the way they view you. Do yourself a favor if you are serious about this profession and get yourself a pair that fits your style and makes you look like you are fit for the role. If anything, at least it can give you a confidence boost when you are just starting out.

Now I will review some DJ Headphone which is currently available in the market. The price ranges Like best DJ headphones under 100 or different from low to mid to high range. The above-mentioned criteria are fulfilled in case of most of these DJ headphones. Here we create an awesome Infographics about DJ Headphone Reviews 2017 Buying Experience.

Pioneer HDJ-500-K DJ Headphones Review

This is a lightweight and stylish pair of DJ headphones that you can get at a comparatively lower price point. At the price they come in, the HDJ – 2000 technology is worth it. The latest technology of the DJ headphones produces crystal clear sound to give you the maximum output. The sound on these headphones is amazing with great bass and clear mid and highs. I think the headphones work best for the techno music beats. The headband of the headphones is flexible. The 60 degrees rotating arm style is great for DJ monitoring. The swiveling earcup makes one ear monitoring super flexible.

The earpads are too small so people with large ears are going to get uncomfortable. The headphone creates tension and stays tight even with every bit of adjustment. There is a distinct creaking sound as well when the cans connect to the headband.

The headphones come with two cords that are interchangeable. One is a straight cord to be used on mobile devices, the other one is a coiled cord for DJ work. The cables feel pretty solid, but the coil is light and loose. Read here full Pioneer HDJ-500-K DJ Headphones Review

  • Great for the price.
  • Great bass and clear mid and highs.
  • Uncomfortable ear pads.
  • The creaking sound of cans connecting to the headband.

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Sennheiser HD 8 DJ Headphones Reviewbest DJ headphone

This pair is one of the Best Headphone as everything that a DJ loves about the HD 25 is added in this pro-DH series. The bass line is slightly extended and the highs are even clearer from the older models. The design has been reinvented. The Circumpolar ear pads allow for maximum over-ear comfort which reduces the background noise to the minimum even in the loudest atmosphere. The soft and durable ear cushions provide a comfortable fit even after hours of use so that you can keep rocking your crowd for hours at end.

Many critical parts of these headphones are made with metal to contribute to superior audio performance which comes with the brand’s durability and reliability. The ear cups swivel up to 210 degrees so wearing it in multiple positions is possible. There are 2 single-sided 3m lengthy cables added with the headphones in straight and coiled design which can be attached to either of the ear cups.

The sound quality is combined with a high SPL capability of 115 dB with a 95 – ohm impedance for ensuring optimum capability with the DJ equipment. There is a premium protective case included. Also, Read here full Sennheiser HD 8 DJ Headphones Review

  • The hinge system is robust.
  • Sleek looking.
  • Mid and highs get missed.

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Technics RPDJ1210 Swig Arm DJ Headphone Fold CoilTechnics RPDJ1210 Swig Arm

This pair has swinging cups which are useful for the DJs. The sound quality is a bit bass-heavy but this is par for the course of DJ headphones. Hearing the kicks never becomes a real issue and mixing with the cans without skipping a beat is very much doable.  The rotary housing is useful for single-sided monitoring. The specifications are splash proof to ensure that this pair is resistant to perspiration so wearing these for long and tiring hours is all right.

The downside, however, is the comfort as there is soft rubber covering on the earpieces. Wearing these headphones for longer than an hour is painful as the earpieces tend to press down on the ears. The foam cups are covered with a thin rubber lining to keep the moisture out of the foam. Unfortunately, this rubber lining starts to split and shred after a while. This results in small and sticky pieces of rubber getting stuck inside the ear which is a hassle.

  • Superior sound quality.
  • Splash proof.
  • Swinging cups.
  • It gets painful after wearing it for an hour.
  • Rubber lining splits and shreds after a while.

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Sennheiser HD 7 DJ Headphones Reviewbest DJ headphone

This pair of DJ headphones was designed with keeping the working DJs in mind. The headphone is designed in an elliptical and closed-back circumaural design to ensure maximum comfort as well as reduced background noise. The background noise is kept to a minimum even in the loudest of environments.

This pair is suitable for very loud DJ environments with high SPL of 115 dB but at the same time, it takes care of your hearing as the high noise isolation decreases the need to max out on the volume for a safer situation. Both of the ear cups can be swiveled up to 210 degrees with three different wearing positions. Unfortunately, the headphone makes a loud plastic squeaking every time there is a movement.

There is a 95-ohm impedance to ensure optimum compatibility with all the DJ equipment. There are two cables included with the headphones – one straight and one coiled. Both are 3m in length and can be attached to either ear cup. There is a two-year warranty with these headphones. You can also see our full Sennheiser HD 7 DJ Headphones Review

  • The elliptical and closed-back design is comfortable for DJs.
  • Background noise is kept out.
  • Very high resistance.
  • Circular joints make a loud squeaking noise.

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Razer Adaro DJ Analog Headphones Reviewbest DJ headphone

This pair of DJ Headphone is large and sonically balanced which deliver rich and natural-sounding acoustic with hard-hitting bass sounds. This pair is thus perfect for spinning behind the console or jamming to your favorite tracks on the go. The ear cups are padded and they swivel, rotate and collapse into a small and compact form. These pairs are mixing and monitoring friendly.

The headphones’ easily swappable cable system allows for easy swapping of the added straight and coiled cables to suit the user’s needs. The headphones can be stored away in a breeze by collapsing the ear cups and stowing away the pair in the carrying case.

The design of the headphones is super functional and it is further achieved by an adjustable headband and the use of plush ear cushions which aim for a comfortable and snug fit even after long hours at end. The Razer Adaro DJ Analog Headphones are specially made for all-day listening as there are no compromises with durability and comfort.

  • Adjustable ear cups which can be deconstructed into a compact form.
  • The cable system is easily swapped.
  • Some users received dented and poorly done packages.

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AKG Pro Audio K167 TIESTO DJ Headphones Reviewbest DJ headphone

This pair of headphones has a closed back and dynamic design. The headphones are relatively cheaper than the other headphones mentioned here and depending on that price, the performance is pretty nice. These headphones are made for those who want to do studio monitoring and mixing along with DJing.

The over-ear headphones allow you to feel the beat. The 40 mm driver allows for the solid base foundation with higher sound pressure levels. The roadworthy design is suited for maximum reliability. Maximum noise rejection is possible with this pair of headphones as the closed-back design stops any sort of background noise so that you can completely immerse yourself in the music.

The XRP3 glass fiber reinforced polymer parts ensure that the headphones are lightweight and durable. This allows you to spend more time with your music without having to face any sort of fatigue. the frequency range of these headphones are always ready to provide you with optimal delivery and clear sound like AKG K267 Tiesto DJ Headphones

  • Super affordable.
  • Cancels out the noise.
  • Lightweight headphones.
  • Sounds pretty neat in mid and high pitches.
  • Plastic inside the headband cracks after a while.
  • Average bass.
  • No carrying case.

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Pyle-Pro PHPDJ1 Professional DJ Turbo Headphones Reviewbest DJ headphone

This pair of headphones is gold plated with a 3.5 mm stereo plugin and ¼’’ adapter. This Headphone is looked super sleek and DJ like and comes with a variety of unique features that help you to stand out of the crowd. The wide frequency range of the headphones delivers a full bass experience with detailed high pitches, so you always get the full out of your favorite songs. The headphones can be used with most pro and consumer audio devices. The frequency range is 20,000 to 22,000 Hz. The length of the added cable is 7 ft. so you can use it with ease on the stage while DJing.

The best thing about the headphone other than its features is probably its price. It looks sleek and provides decent sound quality with superior high pitched sounds and full bass. I think this is a great pair of headphones for anyone who is a little tight on the budget but still wants to feel the music to the fullest.

  • Good sound quality.
  • Solid built.
  • The brand’s name is written on the top.

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Pioneer HDJ-500R DJ Headphones ReviewPioneer HDJ-500R DJ Headphones

This is one of the Popular DJ Headphones as they are from the renowned brand Pioneer. This model adopts the same performance quality of Pioneer’s top of the line like Pioneer HDJ-500-K DJ Headphones. The design is stylish as well. The headphone provides great sound quality with clear audio reproduction, especially during the critically low and mid-frequency ranges of sounds. This is one of the best headphones any DJ could ask for.

To provide maximum flexibility to the DJ during the performances, this headphone has a rotating arm structure feature that allows the DJ to rotate the right earpiece back and forward by a maximum of 60 degrees. The background noise is canceled out. This pair can be worn for a prolonged time as the ear cups are soft and comfortable to the ear.

The headphone comes with two interchangeable cable cords to ensure that the user gets the freedom of movement during their performances. The headphones are available in the colors red, black and white. All of the color variations look equally stylish.

  • Built quality is great.
  • Sound quality is phenomenal.
  • Cancels out the background noise.
  • Soft and comfortable ear cups.
  • Hard to beat from the price point.
  • There is no carrying case.

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Panasonic Quick-Fit Over-the-Ear DJ Stereo Monitor Headphones RP-HTF600-S Reviewbest DJ headphone

These headphones are a quick fit and lightweight pair which offers great sound quality along with DJ style monitoring services. The over the ear headphones are easy to wear and look sleek while you wear them, other than being great for DJing as well. The headphones provide rich bass and have natural treble with 50 mm neodymium drivers. This ensures that you get clarity from one end of the frequency spectrum to the other with detailed and precise mid and high pitches, even at higher volumes.

Noise isolation is possible with easy headband adjustment. The headband is comfortable to wear even for long hours on end since the ear pads are soft and snug. Single side monitoring is possible for DJ use thanks to the reversible housing system. This means you can hear both the upcoming track and the current speaker output when doing beatmatching. There is an extra-long and single-sided cord added with the package. The cord is 9.8 ft. in length so you can easily move around when you feel like it.

  • Lightweight and comfortable for the ears.
  • Adjustable headband.
  • Rich bass with the natural treble.
  • Metal parts are attached with flimsy plastic.

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Sony MDRV55 Red Extra Bass & DJ Headphones MDR-V55 MDR-V55/RC (U) Reviewbest DJ headphone

This pair is a great buy when it comes to sound quality as the bass is powerful with great clarity. The made looks solid with hard plastic made bodies as they feel robust enough. The negative point is that make creaking noises even if you move your head, which can get pretty annoying.

The Sony MDR-V55 is coated in rubber to keep the headphones stuck on the top of your head without having to move them around. But it is not very comfortable, unfortunately. The coating is more on the top of the headband, rather than on the part which sits atop your head meaning there is only a thin layer of rubber between you and the headband. The ear pads have some level of softness with a thin layer of plastic leather so they don’t offer any kind of bouncy comfort. Overall the first impression of the headphones is not much comfort, but you get used to it with use.

The headphones can be folded into compact size as the ear cups fold up into the headband and the flexibility of the headband helps in making a tight bundle. On the other hand, you can also read our Sony MDR7506 Professional Headphone Review

  • Powerful and rich bass.
  • Sound clarity.
  • Makes creaking noise.
  • Earpads are uncomfortable.

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Final Words

To sum it up, the DJ headphone will have the superior sound quality, great flexibility, adaptability and portability along with comfort, durability and a sleek style. The DJ headphones are available in different price ranges but it is advisable to get a pair in the high end as they will last longer and provide superior performance. Anyone planning to be in the professional field to have a competitive edge over the fierce competition should be willing to spend some bucks for a pair of DJ Headphones.

It is best to get a pair with a closed-back design which will cancel out the background noise. It is also recommended to get a pair that is flexible and has a straight and long cord for flexibility in moving around. A DJ needs to gauge out the reaction and mood of the audience and use their creativity to move the audience, so it is better to get a pair that will boost the confidence of the DJ. I hope this article will be helpful to you if you are just starting out.